7 Digital Marketing Steps to Generate Real Estate Leads Online

Are you looking to generate real estate leads online? This is often a daunting task for many real estate professionals—who may not know where to begin. When it comes to finding leads and bringing in new business, online technology is a fantastic tool. In this article, we bring you seven actionable ways you can start to generate real estate leads today:

  1. Website
  2. Blog
  3. SEO
  4. Social media
  5. Video
  6. Facebook re-targeting
  7. Influencer marketing

Real estate website

Your real estate website is the foundation of your online lead generation. It’s an opportunity to for you to provide value and offer your web visitors a chance to interact with your brand. Your website is not an opportunity for you to talk about how great you are as a real estate agent. This is where many agents make a mistake. Consumers don’t care about how great you are; they care about how much you can help them.

Your website is an opportunity for you to provide value to consumers who have specific needs. Whether it’s searching homes for sale online, finding information on neighborhoods/schools, or simply getting advice on how to buy/sell homes, your content & presentation is key.

Real estate blog

Building an online lead generation strategy is very similar to building a house. If your real estate website is your foundation, then your blog is the framing. Your blog has the potential to be a big-time web traffic generator and put you on the first page of Google. It gives you the ability to help real estate prospects who are searching the web for information. For example, we recommend providing local information about living in your market, the best neighborhoods to check out, current news/events etc. On the flip side, it is important to write articles that give general buying information, such as “10 Steps to Buying a Home.” Both types of articles serve a purpose.

One of the reasons blogging is so important is that it will help raise your overall domain authority. Your blog will be the vertical that helps your website to be seen as an authority online.


There are a million people out there claiming to be SEO gurus, and yet only ten websites will actually show up on page 1. Do your homework on the people you ask for real estate SEO advice. For your company to generate leads online, you must recognize the top keyword searches for your site. For example, “Homes for sale in Tampa.”

Some searches will bring high volume, and some searches will bring lower volumes but a higher propensity to buy. For instance, “best real estate agent in Tampa” is not a search that brings in a ton of search-traffic volume, but it does bring in a lot of people with a direct need for your services because they are actively searching your area for the “best real estate agent.”

Social media

Your content is only as good as the number of people who engage with it. One of the most important ways to promote the content you create—whether it’s written, visual, audio, or video—is via social media. This means you need to be actively engaging on social channels and working toward building a following in your target market.

“I don’t have time for social media” is the excuse many real estate agents have. Fortunately, social media is something you can master using processes and systems. A digital marketing manager can help you set up your posts throughout the week, manage your reputation and implement a proven ad strategy. Social media apps are becoming more and more popular on mobile devices, so if you haven’t optimized and implemented a consistent content and advertising strategy, you should make this a goal of yours.

Video content

Video is the ultimate form of content, engagement, and conversion. Do you want to generate real estate leads? Create hundreds of videos and post them everywhere, then watch how you will explode with growth. If you take the most popular blogs in real estate and turn them into short, well-produced videos, you are going to generate a lot of fans!

Set up a YouTube channel, because YouTube is the second-most popular search platform after Google. Make sure you are using targeted Facebook Ads to blast your message. And if you want to take that one step further, you can re-target specific people who were already on your website using Facebook Pixels.

Facebook re-targeting

What a lot of people don’t understand is just how great the return on investment (ROI) is on Facebook Ads. Combine that with the fact you can re-target people who have shown an interest, and the potential is amazing. There is only so much room in people’s News Feeds, and the prices per engagement will not be this low for very long. Facebook ads are similar to Google Pay-Per-Click, which once had the greatest ROI of any form of digital marketing. Pay-Per-Click ads still work great, but they’re not as affordable as they once were before larger companies started buying into the space.

If you’re going to generate real estate leads online, you need to focus on Facebook. You can create a million-dollar business based on Facebook leads alone. There are plenty of people who aren’t even using Facebook Ads and crushing it with just their network alone.

Influencer marketing

One way you can grow your business is to form connections with big-time influencers in the industry. You will want to tap into this form of marketing as well, since it can help you explode on social media. Once you explode on social media, everything else falls into place because you’re gaining social value, which has both direct and indirect benefits in terms of your ability to generate real estate leads through digital marketing.

Use the seven tactics outlined above to generate real estate leads and begin growing your business today.

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