The Power of Professional Real Estate Marketing Photos

Some real estate agents take listing photos with their iPhone, others take pictures with a cheap digital camera (that they think is high-tech), and the rest invest in high quality, professional photos. The saying usually goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” however in real estate it’s, “a picture is worth $1,000.”KITCHEN-PIC

It’s no joke that homes with high quality photos sell faster & for more money than homes with low quality images. Whether you like it or not, the digital age we’re in, coupled with society’s increasing ADD, points us to the conclusion that money spent on better listing photos is worth it.

bedroom master suite real estate photography
When a buyer is shopping online for real estate, they are buying images–not descriptions, bedrooms, parking spaces, acreage, etc. Buyers are captivated by the exterior of the home. In fact, a remarkable 95% of buyers look at the first exterior picture for almost 20 seconds. Another interesting study found that people look at the top left of listing flyers first, so that’s where you should put your best exterior photo.

Quick Tip: Time of day is very important when taking exterior photos. Dusk & dawn on a clear day are best. When all of the interior lights are turned on, the home will pop in the picture. During interior shots, it’s best to have maximum daylight.


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