Real Estate Marketing Tip: Put the Price on Your Flyers

Real estate agents are constantly debating the question: should I put the price of the home I’m selling on my real estate flyer? The answer is yes–it’s almost always smart practice to include the price of the property on your real estate flyers. It seems that real estate agents who don’t include the price on their flyers are not working for their buyers, rather for themselves–in an attempt to get the phone ringing.   

In the old days, before Trulia and the internet, realtors tended to leave prices off listings in newspapers and magazines because it generated phone calls. Buyers had no other way to find out the price of an advertised property. In today’s market, this lack of information is a deterrent. Instead of simply reading the asking price on the listing, buyers have to take an extra step–or two–to find the property on Trulia or another website. The price is almost always listed somewhere online.

Don’t put a sour taste in the mouths of potential clients before you even get a chance to talk to them. Give away information. Prove yourself as a trustworthy & honest agent. It will go much further and generate far more phone calls than a hidden price trick.


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