5 Benefits of Facebook for Real Estate Agents

A Facebook business page offers many benefits for real estate agents.
  1. Feature Listings – Pictures, Video Tours, Information
  2. Advertise Open Houses
  3. Keep In Touch With Clients
  4. Gain New Clients
  5. Share Accomplishments
  1. Feature Listings – Adding pictures, video tours, and listing information for all of your listings is great for your Facebook page. The pictures and video tours will make your page engaging so your clients will always want to come back.
  2. Advertise Open Houses – Not only should you advertise your open houses in the newspaper and online, but you should display them on Facebook, too. Friends of yours that follow you on Facebook may be looking to buy. They may have friends of theirs that are looking to buy and might refer them to you.
  3. Keep In Touch With Clients – Repeat business is a major factor for real estate agents. Having this Facebook page connected with all of your past clients will remind them that you are still in the business. As long as they see your page consistently updated, they will think of you when they are thinking of buying/selling again. Your constant updates will make an impact in their heads.
  4. Gain New Clients – As people like and share your page, you will be exposed to a bigger audience across Facebook. Friends of friends that are liking your page will now see your page. Your page has the potential for exponential growth. Clients of yours can share their success stories with their friends, offering you greater exposure.
  5. Share Accomplishments – Sharing accomplishments is another great thing to do on your real estate Facebook page. Inform your followers of your successes. Show them the houses you have sold. Show them happy clients that you have satisfied.
A real estate Facebook business page is very important to your real estate success. If you find that you don’t have the time to keep up with a Facebook business page, please contact us. One closing per year generated from Facebook will most likely cover the costs of outsourcing to Stridis. We’d like to help you generate several!

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