What Should I Post On My Facebook Business Page?

A popular question my clients often ask is, “what should we post on my Facebook business page?” Because businesses vary there is no simple answer, however there are guidelines. In general, Facebook gives a personal feel to a business. Business pages on Facebook weren’t necessarily made to boost a companies sales, but rather to let the company show it’s personal side. When used appropriately, a Facebook page can win customer’s and client’s hearts. If you look at it full circle, once you’ve won their heart, they’ll be loyal to your brand, and you will end up profiting.

Try sticking to these guidelines:

1. Ditch the Hard Sell — Again, Facebook wasn’t made to sell your product. Facebook was made to give companies, brands, people, & businesses a way to connect with their fans, clients, & customers. Start connecting with everyone who likes your page. Make them smile. It will go a long way.

2. Give Away Knowledge — Share your expertise with your followers. Giving away valuable information will harvest trust. If you own a restaurant, give away a recipe. If you’re a realtor, give them reliable tips on buying/selling. If you own a hotel or B&B, give them ideas of what to do near your location.

3. Holidays — Wish your fans a happy holidays whenever an important holiday comes around. Post a picture that relates to the holiday with a simple caption, “Merry Christmas from our families to yours!” or “Have a safe & exciting Labor Day Weekend.” Remember, just because you don’t celebrate certain holidays doesn’t mean they’re not important to your fans.

4. Fewer Words, More Pictures — A picture is worth 1,000 words. It’s a proven fact that people would rather look at a picture than read a paragraph. Try posting pictures with your status updates. It should yield higher feedback.

5. There, Their, They’re — It is extremely important to pay close attention to spelling & grammar when posting on a professional business page. Read & re-read your updates before you post them. When I see consistent errors on a Facebook page, I take my business elsewhere.

These five tips should go a long way to help you successfully manage your day-to-day Facebook business efforts.

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